The Highlighted Orange Sections in the Product Page Screenshot above show all the important details of all products listed in the Entertainment Systems Category as stated in the list below:

  1. Precise Product Categorization or Breadcrumbs: This highlights the details category granularity of a product up to the last category level. This is important to help the customer find the product with the appropriate delivery fee.
  2. Detailed Product Name: The Product Name is a unique identifier that highlights the key details of the product. The Product Name should follow the appropriate product naming convention for products in a specific category. For Example, the product naming convention for products in the Software Category should follow the convention in the example that follows: “TCL 40-Inch Android Smart FHD TV + Sound Bar System (TS 3010)”. This example is subject to the universal adjective arrangement obtainable in the English Language.
  3. Product Images between 3-8: Product Images highlight the details that directly influence the customer’s buying decision. For Computing Accessories, Product Images range from 3-8 depending on the category and details of the product to be displayed. High Definition Product Images are highly recommended between 200 x 200 Pixels to 5000 x 5000 Pixels. For more details on the minimum number of images across all categories, kindly click here. We would highly recommended our Studio Value Added Service which can be requested for by clicking here or dropping off the products at our Studio location at 349 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo-Yaba, Lagos.
  4. Keyword Rich Product Description with Image in Text: All Products listed should have all the text and image details in the Product Description to highlight the unique selling proposition of the product and its key relevance to the user needs of the customer. This section can also accommodate the product launch video, if available. The video give direct representation of the product features and key features.
  5. Detailed Product Key Features: This is a summary of the product’s main features in relation to screen size, camera specification, storage capacity, processor specifications, display details, country of origin, network compatibility etc.
  6. Detailed Product Specifications: This highlights the details of the SKU, Product Line, Weight, Model, Main Material etc.

The points below highlight other category specific details to take note of:

  1. For Other Entertainment Systems kindly ensure all related details, key features and specifications are explicitly stated and select the appropriate category associated with the specific product
  2. Product Images should capture the details associated with the product including the Unique Selling Proposition of the product. For example, aesthetic design details, additional details like battery capacity, water and dust resistant capabilities, glass strength, frequency modulation signal strength etc.

For more details of all Entertainment Systems Subcategories, kindly click here.